In offices, factories, and homes – that’s where you’ll find Shachihata.Dependable quality is why we’re loved.

Shachihata products are appreciated in offices and a variety of other settings around the world.The reasons why are not just convenience and ease of use, but also dependable quality that you can count on.



This line of high-quality pens and markers finds use in offices, factories, homes, and a full range of other situations. The high performance and quality that don’t disappoint have earned appreciation and reliance around the world.



Thanks to Shachihata’s own original pre-inked technology, these stamps require no stamp pad.The easy-action stamping feature achieves attractive results with just a simple press and has earned high popularity for the Xstamper.These products come in a wide range of sizes for different uses.



The TAT series of products make it possible to stamp metal, plastic, fabric, glass, and other materials that do not readily absorb ink. TAT indelible stamp pads and preinked TAT stampers offer you a selection of two product lines to choose from to match the application at hand. These products find wide use in marking part numbers, sizes, inspection stamps, and a variety of other industrial applications.

More innovation from Shachihata.

From situations that spark new ideas.

Product Planning Team

The team members visit overseas markets together with the sales team and hold candid discussions that cut across job categories and standpoints about what they have seen and experienced, thus creating the starting point for product planning. We ground our concepts on the user’s point of view, never losing sight of the crisis-mode thought that products created solely to suit the convenience of the manufacturer get weeded out.

Overseas Sales Team


The stance of our overseas sales team is to actively approach our customers throughout the world instead of waiting for them to come to us. The team traverses the globe to collect data, visiting dealers and occasionally even customers to exchange information. The team also turn an ear to the direct voice of customers at trade fairs held in locations all over the world.