Up to the present, into the future.

New ways to communicate from Shachihata.

1925 Mannen Stamp Pad is developed and sold.


In these early days, a stamp pad had to be inked each time it was used. The Mannen stamp pad introduced continuous stamp use without ink replenishing. It was a groundbreaking product, but was not quickly accepted by the public. The company decided to give away the stamp pads as gifts to the police, local government offices, banks, and other public institutions. Their use verified the effectiveness of the new product and sales finally took off. Subsequently, the company, whose name means “orca flag,” was thinking of putting the image of a rising sun on its emblem, but this was reserved for Japan’s national flag and was not considered appropriate, so the orca flag became the company’s emblem.

1941 The company is reorganized and Shachihata Kogyo Co., Ltd. is established.

1945 Amazuka factory was established in Japan.

1954 K-1 released.

1959 Chemi pet(K-2) released.

1964 EK-30 / 70 / 90 released.

ek_30_01 ek-70_01 ek-90_01

1965 The Xstamper is released.


More than a decade after the idea, finally a porous rubber that absorbed ink is found through trial and error, resulting in a stamper that does not require a stamp pad. The Xstamper has sold well for over 40 years since.

1966 Writing pen released.


1968 Shachihata inc. USA was established

1969 EK-300 released.


1970 Shachihata exhibits at the Osaka Expo.


A commemorative stamp using the Xstamper is placed in various corporate pavilions at the world exposition held in Osaka, and visitors line up to use them.

1972 EK-500 released.


1974 EK-700 released.


1977 Takaji Funahashi becomes chairman and Shinkichiro Funahashi takes over as president.

1978 EK-770 released.


1982 EK-440 / 490 released.


1983 EK-990 / 999 released.

ek_990xf_01 ek_999xf_01

1987 EK-230 type released.

1989 Shachihata exhibits at the World Design Exposition.


Using the slogan “Designing for Life,” Shachihata exhibits at the World Design Expo held in Nagoya. Shachihata is seen as a company that brings out highly creative new products featuring good design.

1992 AQUAFAST released.

1993 Inazawa factory was established in Japan.

1994 Malaysia factory was established in Malaysia.


1997 softline / ERGOLINE / MARKLINE / LITETOUCH released.

egb_1700_01 erg_3400_01

1998 ROLLERBALL released.

Shachihata (Europe) Ltd. was established.

Artline India was established in India.

1998-2 1998

1999 Shachihata Kogyo Co., Ltd. is merged with Shachihata Shoji Co., Ltd.

and the company name is changed to Shachihata Co., Ltd.

Dry safe marker EK-170 / 190 released.

Artline International S.A.de C.V. was established.

ek-170_01 ek-190_01

2000 CDR marker released.


2001 Flip chart marker EK-370 / 107 / 109 released.

ek_370_01 ek_107_01 ek_109_01

2003 WETRITE EK-47 released.


2004 Shachihata Changzhou factory was established in China

Chalk marker / Opaque ink board marker / Poster colour marker released.

epw_4_01 epd_4_01

2005 Big nib whiteboard marker/EK-041T released.

Shachihata exhibits at the World Expo Aichi, Japan.


Shachihata exhibits at the World Exposition held in Aichi, Japan, helping to raise ecological awareness through experiential workshops. Shachihata continues to participate in community activities focusing on the environment.

2006 Shinkichiro Funahashi becomes chairman and Masayoshi Funahashi

takes over as president.

Multipen released.


2007 Long nib marker / CDR/DVD marker twin / ECO-GREEN Permanent marker /

Whiteboard marker / Whiteboard marker twin / Water colour marker twin /

Multipen Massimo / Clix

ek-710_01 ek-841t_01 ek-177_01
ek_157_01 ek-525t_01 ek_341t_01
emp_25tt_01 ek-177_01

2008 Tshirt marker 2in2in1 released.


2010 EK-110 / Clix 203 / Ballpoint Pen EK-8210 released.

ek_110_1 ek_203_01 ek_8210_01

2011 DRAWING SYSTEM 0.05 / Artline Board / Ballpoint Pen EK-8270, 8210, 8470 /

Chalk Marker EPW-12 released.

ek_2305_01 abord_02
ek_8270_01 ek_8210_01 ek_8470_01

2012 Permanent Calligraphy Marker / Golf Master Marker / Refill Ink for Whiteboard Marker 60ml / ViViX (Highlighter) / Refill Ink for Permanent Marker 60ml released.

ek-811_01 ek-841tg_01 esk_20_60
ek_670_01 esk_20_60

2013 Refill Ink for Permanent Marker 30ml / Refill Ink for Whiteboard Marker 30ml / Liquid Glue / GELTRAC Lite / Glassboard Marker / Marker for Fabric released.

esk_20_30 esk_50a_30 egl_40
egb_5670_01 epg_4_01 ekc_1_01